30 Of The Creepiest And Most Outrageous Mugshots Ever

Getting arrested is pretty rough, to put it mildly. No matter what crime you’ve committed (or heck, what crime you haven’t committed) you probably aren’t going to look your best when it’s time to take your mugshot.

Most people look pretty roughed up when they appear before the prison camera. Maybe they got in an altercation with police and have bruises to show it. Maybe they’ve been up for long hours and they look like they can barely stay awake. Or maybe they’ve been using drugs or alcohol and they look …well, wasted. The point is, mugshots aren’t exactly glamour photos.

And then there are the people who take their mugshots to the next level. Their mugshots are so bizarre or creepy, they go viral just because the internet finds them that weird. It could be for making a strange face, having a disturbing tattoo, or wearing something that makes everyone ask, “What on earth is going on?”

So, buckle up (it’s against the law not to wear a seatbelt) and enjoy this slideshow of the 60 most outrageous mugshots on the internet. And of course, stay in school kids and don’t do drugs — you might find yourself on our next slideshow.

1. I’m curious about the hairnet

Sure, the first thing you notice about this guy is his teeth, but I also really want to know the story behind the hairnet. Does he work in a cafeteria? Is it to protect his curls while he sleeps? We may never know.

2. That’s one reaction to getting arrested

I don’t know what is going on in this picture or what this woman was getting arrested for, but that expression is just…actually, I have no words beyond, “What the heck?”

3. What…is…happening?

Either this guy was caught huffing paint or he was arrested at a Halloween party while dressed at the tin man. Either way, he seems pretty stoked about it.

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