30 Weird Things About Bathrooms In Other Countries

22. Don’t forget your toilet paper when you go to Laos

The population in Laos is so sparse that you might want to bring your toilet paper with you. In case you need to heed the call of nature, you are ready even if the house you’re staying in is far from the main town.

23. Precious toilet paper in Chile

Even toilet paper is stolen in Chile. Because of the rampant theft of toilet paper, public bathrooms now do not have toilet paper in them. If you plan to explore Chile, make sure that you are always bringing your own toilet paper.

24. Spraying is the norm in Thailand

Before going to Thailand, make sure that you know about the way they use their bidets there. The bidets are actually water sprays and sometimes, there is no toilet paper around that you can use to wipe yourself.

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