30 Weird Things About Bathrooms In Other Countries

4. Snakes coming out of toilets in Australia

In Australia, especially during the dry season, snakes tend to look for places where they can get the hydration they need. They normally find this in the toilets, and they crawl inside to get their much-needed water. These snakes may be non-venomous but still, the fright of seeing one coming out of a toilet bowl is definitely a big no-no.

5. Open-air urinals in France

If you happen to be in Paris, France, you might notice red mailbox looking urinals lining the Seine River near the Notre Dame Cathedral. These were built in August 2018 to keep public urination in check. These eco-friendly urinals have a layer of straw and sawdust inside to keep odors at bay. The straw can then be used as compost.

6. Sharing was big in the toilets of Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, there used to be a common sponge that everyone used to wipe themselves with. Aren’t you just glad that those days are behind us?

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