30 Weird Things About Bathrooms In Other Countries

28. Indonesian public bathrooms are the same as Thailand

Indonesian bathrooms are basically the same as Thailand or any other Asian country. Bidets spray water and you may need to make sure that toilet paper is always available by bringing your own all the time.

29. Three-way urinals in Belgium

The urinals in Belgium are not only made to be used by three people at the same time, but they are also very public! Take a look at this image taken while men publicly urinate during a festival. It’s totally a normal thing for them to see!

30. A public bathroom in a Ukrainian orphanage

This one is just sad. Orphans and anyone for that matter deserve to have a decent bathroom. Kids in this Ukrainian orphanage deserve to have a better bathroom than this hole in the ground.
After going through this list, I’m pretty sure you now know that your bathroom is definitely better than most around the globe. You gotta appreciate what you have and just be thankful that yours is working right and that toilet paper is not an issue at all.

On a more serious note, we need to know that countries around the world have their own sets of beliefs and practices. We should always remember to respect that, even if it means bringing our own toilet paper every single time we visit.

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