10 Weird Things About Bathrooms In Other Countries

We all know that the most comfortable place in the world is none other than our own homes. There’s simply no place like it. But, would you agree that inside your home, there are two places that you are the most comfortable in? The first one would be your bedroom. And the other? The bathroom!

Yes, it is a place where you can be who you are. No one is around to judge you, and it is somewhere you can be true to your nature. If you think that your bathroom is not as perfect as you would want it to be, I suggest that you take a look at these 10 unusual bathrooms in other countries. By the end of the list, you will surely realize that your bathroom is way better than most!

1. The right way to use toilets in Japan

Japan is not like any other country when it comes to its bathrooms. In Kyoto, particularly, bathroom keepers always have a hard time reminding tourists of the right way of using their toilets. They get so fed up with all the smelly mess they have to clean that they decided to put up stickers such as these so tourists would know the right way of using their toilets.

2. Be ready to meet an old woman in the bathroom

In South Korea, it is an accepted fact that old women are often assigned to clean public bathrooms. If you happen to see one in yours, just relax and let them do their job.

3. Don’t pee on the bidet when you go to Spain

If you plan on going to Spain, make sure that you understand the way their bathrooms work. Normally, their bathrooms have two toilet bowls: one for doing your “business” and the other for when you need to use the bidet. You might get confused and pee on the one with the bidet, so be careful.

4. Snakes coming out of toilets in Australia

In Australia, especially during the dry season, snakes tend to look for places where they can get the hydration they need. They normally find this in the toilets, and they crawl inside to get their much-needed water. These snakes may be non-venomous but still, the fright of seeing one coming out of a toilet bowl is definitely a big no-no.

5. Open-air urinals in France

If you happen to be in Paris, France, you might notice red mailbox looking urinals lining the Seine River near the Notre Dame Cathedral. These were built in August 2018 to keep public urination in check. These eco-friendly urinals have a layer of straw and sawdust inside to keep odors at bay. The straw can then be used as compost.

6. Sharing was big in the toilets of Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, there used to be a common sponge that everyone used to wipe themselves with. Aren’t you just glad that those days are behind us?

7. Construction issued in Russian toilets

Although this does not mean that all toilets in Russia are poorly made, there are quite a number of facilities that were found to be unusual and practically some of the worst bathrooms in these modern times. Toilets were found to be placed side-by-side without partitions and lids are screwed on the opposite way.

8. About 50% of Indians don’t have their own toilets

The sad part about all this is that almost half of the Indian population are forced to publicly urinate and defecate because of lack of facilities. Furthermore, the incorrect waste disposal that is being done by the people also leads to more cases of water-borne diseases among women and children.

9. Bring your own toilet paper when you go to Cuba

Apparently, Cuba was not ready to accept the huge influx of tourists that decided to visit the country when it opened up for tourism. There wasn’t a sufficient amount of paper products which led to no available paper in its public bathrooms. If you plan to visit Cuba, it’s best to bring your own stash of toilet paper.

10. Welcoming strangers in Scotland

Most people think that the tradition of Scotland where strangers are allowed to use the bathroom originates from a law that was passed ages ago. However, the fact is that this is part of old customs and not actually a law. The next time a stranger knocks on your door and asks if they can take a dump in your toilet, make sure you let them know of this fact.


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