30 Weird Things About Bathrooms In Other Countries

We all know that the most comfortable place in the world is none other than our own homes. There’s simply no place like it. But, would you agree that inside your home, there are two places that you are the most comfortable in? The first one would be your bedroom. And the other? The bathroom!

Yes, it is a place where you can be who you are. No one is around to judge you, and it is somewhere you can be true to your nature. If you think that your bathroom is not as perfect as you would want it to be, I suggest that you take a look at these 30 unusual bathrooms in other countries. By the end of the list, you will surely realize that your bathroom is way better than most!

1. The right way to use toilets in Japan

Japan is not like any other country when it comes to its bathrooms. In Kyoto, particularly, bathroom keepers always have a hard time reminding tourists of the right way of using their toilets. They get so fed up with all the smelly mess they have to clean that they decided to put up stickers such as these so tourists would know the right way of using their toilets.

2. Be ready to meet an old woman in the bathroom

In South Korea, it is an accepted fact that old women are often assigned to clean public bathrooms. If you happen to see one in yours, just relax and let them do their job.

3. Don’t pee on the bidet when you go to Spain

If you plan on going to Spain, make sure that you understand the way their bathrooms work. Normally, their bathrooms have two toilet bowls: one for doing your “business” and the other for when you need to use the bidet. You might get confused and pee on the one with the bidet, so be careful.

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