30 Funny Cringeworthy School Pictures

Photo days at school are quite important. They may seem to be insignificant, but in reality, students prepare for them because they know that these pictures will forever be remembered. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky enough to get the best shots on their picture day.

We have compiled 30 unforgettably funny school pictures these people will never forget. We’re sure you’ll laugh out loud with these funny photos from school.

1. The spiky hairstyle

Back then, having spiky hair was the coolest style for boys. However, this one took the style too far! He looks like a starfish.

2. Another spiky haired boy

Now, this just confirms that spiky hair was a huge hair trend in the ’90s. Even skaters liked it, although this kid could use more gel to get his hair up!

3. Spider Man glasses

We have seen all sorts of sunglasses, but these are probably one of the weirdest around. The frames are shaped like Spider Man’s eyes! If you wear this and your face happens to be a bit longer than others, you are making the grave mistake of wearing a pair of glasses that will elongate your face more.

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