55 Funny And Clever Bathroom Signs

More than often you’ll see those traditional signs outside of men’s and women’s bathrooms. But some establishments like to get a little more creative with it. They want to give you a laugh before you do your business.

And these hilarious bathroom signs surely deliver. These signs would have you rolling on the floor if the bathroom floors weren’t so gross.

Here we have all different kinds of funny bathroom signs. And they’re all equally hilarious. Take a look.

1) Women Are Always Right

This establishment strategically placed their bathrooms. The women’s bathroom is on the right. Because, well, women are always right.

2) The Most Accurate Bathroom Sign Ever

Women’s bathrooms are a magical place. It’s where strangers become best friends and someone with even the lowest self-esteem can be pumped up by fellow women and feel like a million bucks. This sign is amazing.

3) Beer Bottles and Wine Glasses

These are great bathroom signs for a bar. But there’s one thing I can’t stop starring at here. Do men and women have different shaped belly buttons?

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