11 Funny Passive Aggressive Neighbors

If you’ve ever come across a Southerner who says “Bless your heart” to your face, congratulations, you’ve just been insulted in a very sneaky, backhanded way! It’s the equivalent of patting you on the head like a child and dismissing you like the dummy they think you are.

But, as sweet with words as Southerners are, the best verbal hit-and-run tactics don’t actually use any words at all.

Check out these 11 passive-aggressive neighbors who are skilled masters at cutting to the chase in hilarious, non-verbal ways.

1) The Finger

Before we invented language, everyone was gesturing with their hands to communicate their thoughts. Looks like we’ve come full circle!

“The HOA in my friend’s neighborhood recently threatened her neighbors with a fine if they didn’t hide their trash cans, even though they’ve been in the same spot for over a decade. This is their solution.”

2) The Arctic Cold Front

I’m pretty sure that’s what winter coats are for. This pup looks pretty comfy to me!

“My neighbors complained that its too cold for my dog to be outside all day during the winter. I sent them this.”

3) Canadians Eh-holes

But they’re nice eh-holes. This person was kind enough to use smiley-faced Bandaid to stick the note the wall.
“To the person who stopped the washer in the middle of my wash cycle and took my clothes out just to wash yours… Yeah, you’re an ***hole! Unfortunately for you, so am I. You can find your wet clothes frozen outside in the snow. Any problems? Come see me in 301.”

4) Sign Language

There’s no possible way for their neighbors to misread this sign. It’s spelled out “brown” and clear.

“Our elderly neighbors have this sign posted on the bike path in their backyard.”

5) Digital Savagery

Passive-aggressiveness has gone digital! These two creative blokes are silently communicating via their wireless connection. Their hotspot names read:
“You’re music is annoying” and the retort, “Your grammar is more annoying.”

6) The Naked Truth

These Peeping Tom neighbors could tell no lie. The truth was just too blinding to ignore!

“My sister and her husband live in a small town, they came home to this note on their door.”

7) Fine And Dandy-lion

This neighbor called a truce by giving a peace offering of dandelions. How sweet!

“When you receive a complaint from your neighbors, it’s important that you do your best to resolve it.”

8) Spreading Christmas Cheer

The holidays are all about giving. These neighbors gave the thief who nicked their reindeer exactly what was coming to him – photos of him in the act of being a grinch.

“My neighbor got his reindeer decorations stolen so they put out grinch ones instead.”

9) One-Man Dog Band

This neighbor apparently wasn’t a rabid fan of the solo barking performance going on next door.
“When & Where, Apt 114. Literally anytime the owner isn’t home. It could last between 2-12 hours. The fun never f***ing stops!”

10) Frosty Treat

Frosty the snowman was a jolly, happy soul. Especially after he ate the neighbor’s kid for lunch.

“My neighbour’s kid is always playing in my yard and leaving his toys. When he left two broomsticks, I left this in his yard as a warning. And yes, it is still winter in Canada.”

11) Love & Fishes

If your cat has a death wish, then you need to read this sign. He could be in danger!
“Danielle in Baltimore says copies of this notice were posted on electrical poles, fences, and doors all around her apartment complex.”


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