30 Pictures That Prove That Time Is On Our Side

They say a photo can be telling. But two photos are even more so. This is because it shows just how much time has passed.

It also shows us how much we’ve changed. Some photos define time so well for us. Some people actually recreate an old photo when they’re older to show time.
A photo can show how long a marriage has lasted. How much a dog has grown. It can also show us different generations.

Here Are 30 Pictures That Prove That Time Is On Side:

1) Miracle

This was Miracle when she was born. She was born 6 months premature. Now she is a thriving 10-year-old.

2) Always Honeymooners

This couple has been married for 40 years. And they’re still just as in love as they were the day they were married. Here they are recreating their honeymoon photos 40 years later.

3) Sobriety

On the left we see a 15-year-old who is addicted cocaine, pills and alcohol. He was also depressed, suicidal and just uncomfortable with himself. Now, six years later, he’s been sober, happy in his skin and doing what he loves every day.

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