11 Types Of Massage To Help Neck And Back Pain July 1st, 2019

Stress and pressure can come from a lot of places. Most of us get it from work and school, but at home stressors can also build. If left unchecked, too much stress can lead to physical pain such as headaches, back pain or neck pain. Most people suffer from back and neck pain and it could be stress that’s the culprit.

In case of stress manifesting physically, one of the best solutions is to get yourself a massage. But, what kinds of massages can help to relieve you of pain in the neck and back? Here are 11 types of massages that can help you feel better and what’s best is that some of these can be done in the comfort of your own home.

1. Get immediate relief from knowing your pressure points.

Sometimes, pain from too much stress can come when you are in the middle of something and it might be difficult to massage it right away. In these kinds of moments, your immediate pain relief can come from self-massage.

By massaging certain pressure or trigger points on your palm and the soles of your feet, your body will be able to send signals to the part where the pain is felt so that the ache will subside. However, since there are various trigger points in our body, it is best to get a consultation with a specialist first before doing this method on your own.

Whenever you want to try this one out, you must remember to always find the most comfortable position, relax your mind and body as much as you can and breathe deeply to help reduce your stress levels.

2. Use a tennis ball to manage back pain.

Who said tennis balls are only useful in a game of tennis? You can make use of these brightly colored balls in times of back pain. These balls’ soft but firm material makes them the perfect tool for one to give themselves a massage. All you have to do is push your weight onto the ball and use a wall to support it. Here’s how you can accomplish a tennis ball massage:

– Stand with your back against the wall.

– Place the tennis ball between the wall and your back, resting just between your shoulder and neck.

– Move slowly from side to side, pausing every 15 to 20 seconds. If you feel a knot or a tight spot, you can press your back on said area for a bit longer or apply harder pressure through your weight.

– Repeat this on both sides of your back.

3. Relieve pain in the upper back.

This part of the body is one of the first areas where you feel pain once you are stressed out. You can ease the tension by doing the following steps:

– Correct your posture and stand straight.

– Slowly and carefully massage your upper back using your left hand. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure.

– Do this repeatedly until you feel the tension being released on the aching area.

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