25 Things To Buy At Ross – And What To Avoid

Shopping at Ross Dress for Less is like going on a treasure hunt. But not every treasure is the same. Some are real gems, while others are probably best left hanging on the clearance rack.
Here is what you should get, and what you should avoid getting, when shopping at Ross.

#1 Buy This – Sneakers

Adidas, Nikes, and other major brands can be found here, sometimes for as much as half off the original price. When you consider that some of the sneakers are more than $110 regularly, $60 is a genuine steal.

#1 Avoid This – Irregular items

Ross will mark an item with “irregular” right on their tag if it is. While they get plenty of clothes due to overstock, changes in season, and over-manufacturing; some items end up at Ross because they may have defects.
Avoid these or check them over carefully before purchasing.

#2 Buy This – Discontinued products

Are you trying to find something but missed it by a season in all the usual stores? Check out Ross. You may be in luck.

#2 Avoid This – Anything you have to haggle over

The managers at Ross don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to changing prices. That all comes down from corporate. If you think the price is wrong on an item or it should be less, putting it back is probably the only option.

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