30 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Has A Sense Of Humor

Humans are capable of creating many beautiful things here on Earth. But rarely does this compare to the beauty of the Earth itself. Mother Nature dazzles us on a daily basis with fascinating animals, breathtaking landscapes, and incredible colors.

And Mother Nature is just as hilarious as she is beautiful. She has a pretty good sense of humor. We might not always think so when we are the butt of her jokes, but in retrospect, she’s pretty damn funny.

She should have her own Netflix special. Not convinced? Check out these photos.

Here Are 30 Photos That Prove Mother Nature Couldn’t Care Less What People Want:

1) Phallic Strawberry

Phallic strawberry would be a great band name. And it would be inspired by this oddly shaped strawberry. Apparently, Mother Nature is also a perv.

2) Apple Walkway

This is an apple orchard in Ireland after Hurrican Ophelia. Mother Nature thought that the humans who run this place could use some help in picking the apples. Now there is no picking required.

3) Glow Butt

Mother Nature is so hilarious it decided to create creatures with glowing butts. These funny bugs light up our summer skies. From their butts.

4) Foot Carrot

Here we have a carrot that looks like a foot. I wonder if it smells. Like a smelly foot carrot.

5) Tree Butt

I think Mother Nature has a butt obsession. Because this tree looks like it has a butt. She’s basically mooning us.

6) Frozen Waterfall

This use to be a waterfall. Now it’s a giant ice shard. It looks pretty awesome.

7) Apple

Looks like Mother Nature is trying to cash in and get some Apple stock. That looks just like the Apple symbol. Maybe Mother Nature was trying to make her own laptop?

8) Tiramisu Desert

This photo is of the Algerian desert. It snowed in the desert and then got covered with sand. Now it looks like Tiramisu.

9) Feed Meeeeeee

This is one hungry sign. It can’t read. And it does NOT care.

10) Snow Door

The shape of this door is perfeclty imprinted into the snow. That’s because it was so high it covered the door. You can see the house number and everything.

11) Precise Destruction

This is what a road in Germany looked like after a storm named Xavier. Looks like Mother Nature likes to keep things nice and neat. She’s precise in her destruction.

12) Snow Line

This white strip is snow. It snowed in a thin straight line across Ohio. Mother Nature was seriously messing with people in those neighborhoods that day.

13) Double the Fun

Why settle for just one rainbow? Especially since you can have two rainbows. Mother Nature has ALL the fun, not just some of it.

14) Van Gogh Lawn

This grass is picture perfect. Well… painting perfect. It looks like a Vincent van Gogh painting.
15) The Hell Is Goin’ On?

There was a lot of rain in Ireland. And this is what happened. Even the swan looks confused.

16) Rainbow Dome

If we’re gonna be throwing out double rainbows, there might as well be rainbow domes too. Mother nature is cool like that. It doesn’t get much cooler than a rainbow dome.

17) Pull Up The Carpeting

Mother Nature got sick of her grass carpeting. So she pulled it up. She prefers the bare dirt look.

18) Pink Lemonade Moth

When we think of moths, we don’t think that they are as colorful as butterflies. But in the case of the Dryocampa rubicunda, you’d be wrong. Mother Nature made these guys pink and yellow.

19) The Curve Ball

Sometimes Mother Nature throws us curve balls. Things we aren’t expecting. Like this egg inside an egg.

20) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Mother Nature can’t be stopped. Even if you build garages over her. She’ll just find the one patch of sunlight and grow on you.

21) Optical Illusions

Things aren’t always as they seem when it comes to nature. This looks like a landscape view from a plane. But it’s actually a frozen puddle in a backyard.

22) Unstoppable

There was a rake placed over this tree years ago. The tree didn’t mind. It grew right through it.

23) Filling The Gaps

Mother nature couldn’t stand to see this missing brick. So, she decided to step in. She filled it out so it would look nice.

24) Competition

To keep things fun, Mother Nature sometimes like to compete with herself. Here we have some grass competing with leaves. The grass one.

25) Mother and Baby Rock

These are rocks. But they look like a child being breast fed by her mother. Can you see it?

26) A Little Extra

Mother Nature loves us so much that sometimes she gives us a little extra. Like this enourmous strawberry. That is one big strawberry.

27) Dragon Rock

No scuplting necessary. Mother Nature made this rock face look like a dragon. It looks like it is drinking from the water.

28) Hilarious Turtle

Look at this hilarious turtle face. It’s actually not, it’s a tree. Mother Nature was just being silly that day.

29) Evil Onion

Mother Nature sometimes scares the crap out of us. Like when we slice open an onion and it looks like this. An evil, scary onion.

30) Snow Flipping The Bird

Sometimes Mother Nature just wants to tell us to f*ck off. Snow made this sign all wonky. Now it flips people the bird.

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