35 Dads Who Gave Up Being Macho For Their Little Girls

Before men got married, they’re all macho and they also want to appear tough to everyone. Sometimes, they’ll be more relaxed in front of their girlfriends or wives but they still have that tough facade up most times.

But when men meet their daughters for the first time, something changes in them. Their daughters become the only people in their lives where they would do anything, even if it meant ruining their tough reputation.

Here are 35 examples of dads who would do anything for their daughters.

1. Dad Brought Her To One Direction Concert

Being surrounded by lots of screaming teenage girls is not a middle-aged man’s idea of a fun night. But it’s his little girl. How can he resist when she asks so nicely?

2. Daddy At Teatime

Daddy loves his tea! Guess who’s gonna get invited again next time?

3. Daddy Keeps Baby Calm

It’s the only way to keep the baby from crying. And she looks so peaceful so good job, dad!


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