Here Are The 55 Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

25. We’ve heard of chastity, but this is pretty extreme.

In elementary school and secondary school, there’s a pretty commonly held idea to dissuade kids from having sex or from getting too involved romantically too early. Along with that could come recommendations to set boundaries and practice safe sex. On the other hand, telling this to a kid just seems a little misleading (and terrifying as well).

26. Everyone has misconceptions about other countries, but this is extreme.

There are definitely places where if you haven’t travelled there, but at this point in the modern world, we pretty much know that most places have the same technology. Everywhere has businesses and everywhere has people and so on. Still, apparently roads were too much of a stretch for this guy to believe.

27. There’s no way you could believe this unless you’ve never used a microwave.

What does the word defrost mean to you? Usually it means to make something frozen become unfrozen—in fact, that’s all it means. Moving from cold to warmer. Honestly, we have no idea how this person came to this conclusion.

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