Here Are The 55 Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

22. Other people must’ve made this mistake before.

Blowing up balloons is a real pain in the neck, and blowing out so much air can leave people feeling light-headed. So maybe that’s what was happening when this person made this comment. We’re just trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, you know?

23. Wait, so that’s how that works?

Honestly, if this is a dumb thing then consider us dumb, because we’ve thought this all the time. On one level, you always kind of know that the people behind you aren’t constantly flashing you with their brights. On the other hand, any time you get flashed like that from behind it’s pretty annoying… so we get it.

24. We’re pretty sure this isn’t how plasma television sets work…

Plasma television sets are a pretty cool technology with electrified gas in them, which turns into what we call plasma. On the other hand, we also have “plasma” in our bodies, which is a colorless fluid in our blood. Between those two definitions, we’re pretty sure the wires got crossed here somehow.

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