Here Are The 55 Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

34. Common mistake for a first-time cat owner.

Ah yes, the classic “my cat is vibrating” scenario. As anyone who has owned a cat knows, when cats purr, their entire body vibrates gently—and this usually means they’re happy! Hopefully this guy figures this out without spending money at the vet.

35. You have to know at least a little bit more about the world than this guy.

Look, if you live on one side of the world and you can’t remember something about a country on the exact opposite side of it, we could look the other way. But America literally was born out of things that happened in England. There’s truly no excuse for not knowing this.

36. Honestly, maybe she just heard this person wrong.

The perfect senior prank can be hard to pull off. There’s a lot of secrecy, planning and discussion that goes into each one, particularly with how far the prank can go without being too dangerous or offensive. In the process of all that discussion, we could see how something like this would get said.

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