Here Are The 55 Dumbest Things People Have Ever Said

31. We don’t even know what this person was getting at.

We’re not all great at geography and there’s probably still plenty of things we could learn about the world. Still, most of us understand how international flights work and how travel works in general. Still, how to explain this statement then? Don’t you fly (or boat, I guess) to all islands?

32. Sounds like a very political drive-thru order.

Under the wrong circumstances, ordering at the drive-thru window can be a little bit awkward. Maybe someone can’t hear somebody else or maybe the person ordering is just a bit anxious in general. Still, we’ve never personally run into this situation before.

33. Are we sure this woman wasn’t just making a terrible, terrible joke?

I wouldn’t want to be born on a leap year because it would cause a lot of confusion every single year. I also never understood why that time couldn’t just be spread out differently so we could have the same number of days each year? In any event, we hope this teacher was joking.

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