50 Of The Most Cringy Online Dating Fails That Will Have You Cracking Up

Oh, Tinder. You are always providing us with hilarious horror stories and memories of hopeless mishaps!

We all have that awful Tinder story. You know the one: the one you don’t EVER want anyone to find out about! Or maybe you haven’t had a crazy encounter yet – in that case you’ll find these epic fails even more hilarious.

There are so many cringe-worthy stories to choose from! We’ve compiled nothing but the best. Here are 50 epic Tinder fails that will have you blushing into your phone.

1. Thanks, Mom

My guess is this guy did not get a message back. That’s not exactly what you want to see when you get a Tinder message from a new match. I can’t even imagine!

2. Autocorrect

That’s…um…not how it works. Smooth move though – NOT! Do not try this again.

3. Right To The Point

This non-romantic single decided to get straight to the point. Did it pay off? Of course not! But neither did neither did messaging the poor recipient 4 times on the first day!

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