30+ Times When People Said ‘Hold My Beer’ And Proceeded To Do Something Epic

1. Hold my beer while I perform this dangerous driving stunt.

This is a bit far off from the “ten and two” rule that our drivers’ ed instructors taught us all. When was the class about scraping ice off your windshield while driving down the freeway in the middle of traffic — in the winter? I must have missed that class.

2. Hold my beer while I try to combine a bike and fire.

This ended pretty much exactly the way we expected it to … with the world’s most painful-looking faceplant. This guy decided to try riding a bike through a campfire and got a face full of coals for his trouble. That’s a party trick he probably won’t repeat.

3. Hold my beer while I make scaling a wall look easy.

While some “hold my beer” moments are fails, this one is nothing short of amazing. These three men make it look like a walk in the park to launch themselves over a 15-foot wall. That takes some unbelievable physical strength — and some pretty awesome teamwork.

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