50 People Who Are ‘Live Up’ Perfectly To Their Names

They call it “nominative determinism.” It implies that your name somehow dictates the jobs or hobbies you gravitate towards over the course of your life.

The ancient Romans even had a term for it: “nomen omen” (or name omen). It’s really just a myth (Jonathan Law wasn’t really destined to be a lawyer), but these people are really living up to the hype their parents provided. Did they do it on purpose? Almost certainly not. It is funny nonetheless? Absolutely.

Start clicking to see 40 real people whose names are just too perfect for their jobs or hobbies. We’re still chuckling over #3, #9, and #40.

1. Lord Brain

Also a great name for a superhero, Lord Brain is actually a neuroscientist.

2. Paul Paulos

Man, we really hope Paul Paulos from St. Paul never has to relocate.

3. Robin Mahfood

Perhaps this is a case of destiny overcoming a name. Robin Mahfood isn’t robbing anyone’s food – in fact, he’s giving it out.

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