45 Photos That Help Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

25) Fear Of Heights

The technical term for a fear of heights is acrophobia, but we’re 100% sure that this guy definitely doesn’t suffer from it! How could he? He’s casually chilling out on top of two ladders while his friends watch on, ready to catch him if he falls.

26) What’s The Chair For?

These guys realized that the ladder they bought along was just a little on the short side, so instead of going to get a better one, they decided to simply lift it up off the ground! For some reason, a chair is just sitting there beside them as well. Maybe it’s a safety mat for the guy to aim for if he falls.

27) All The Ladders

We’ve seen some innovative and creative uses for ladders throughout this list, but this one really takes the cake! This guy stacked countless little ladders in some kind of artistic sculpture just so he could access this skylight.

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