45 Photos That Help Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

16) Really Not Smart

This is the sort of thing you only find in Texas! A dude is standing on the back of a truck and filling up garbage cans with gasoline. Why? We have no idea. We just hope he isn’t a smoker

17) Red Or White?

It’s always annoying at the grocery store when you can’t quite reach the items on the top shelf, but this is the wrong way to try and solve the problem! This man is standing on a bunch of wine bottles that could so easily just shatter into a thousand pieces right beneath his feet.

18) Is That A Person?

Yes, that’s an actual guy crouching down under that storm of sparks! There’s a huge saw only a few inches away from his face, but the two workers just seem to be carrying on like everything is fine and dandy.

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