45 Photos That Help Explain Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Statistically speaking, women tend to live longer than men. There are various reasons behind this, including basic genetics and biology, but there’s also the fact that men seem to be more prone to taking crazy risks and doing outrageously dumb stuff!

Whether they’re just doing some work and trying to get the job done quickly or just hanging out with their buddies and thinking up something stupid to pass the time, these guys put their actual lives on the line in some mind-blowing ways!

1) This Isn’t What “Use Your Head” Is Supposed To Mean

Why isn’t he wearing a hat? This is a quick and effective way to get serious brain damage.

2) Trying To Be Cool

Is this guy just trying to be cool? He must think he’s pretty tough sitting up there, but just one little mistake could send him hurtling down to the ground.

3) A Parkour Pro

This guy has got to be one of those parkour professionals who spend their lives daring death and climbing all over dangerous buildings. That looks so unsafe!

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