45 Photos That Describe Perfectly Living In Canada

22) Bullwinkle? More Like Poolwinkle!

Sorry, that was terrible. But what is hilarious is this loose moose taking a dip in someone’s backyard!

23) Polite Thievery

It seems that even a breaking and entering case is not without due manners. How polite it is to break into someone’s house, but when you break more than just the law, you’ve got to leave an apology note. Oh Canada, never change!

24) Moose On The Loose- In Front Of Canada’s National Coffee Company

The only thing that would make this picture more Canadian would be if there were Mounties riding these moose… and sipping on their Timmies. It would’t be Canada if there wasn’t a Tim Horton’s Coffee in the background!

25) A Sign Of Sorrow

Only in Canada would you get a sign that ends with “at your own risk” immediately followed by another sign that says “sorry”…

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