45 Photos That Describe Perfectly Living In Canada

7) The Tragic School Bus

The stereotype of Canadians being all too ready to apologize is only re-enforced by so many examples of it occuring in real life! It’s not clear if this is part of the buses normal message, or Mr. Driver is just feeling a bit bad about the incident.

8) Wait, Which Street?

Well maybe creativity was not a strong suit of whomever named these streets… Or perhaps they’re just extremely practical? Imagine if every street was named so plainly…chaos…

9) No Coat, No Pants? No Problem!

It may be somewhat of an understatement that Canada gets colder than most of the western civilised world. Are Canadians better at preparing for the cold weather, or are they simply tougher? I think this photo is proof that they’ve just got “Winter skin”.

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