45 Photos That Describe Perfectly Living In Canada

4) Lost, Washed, Fixed and Found

Most people wouldn’t bother picking up lost a lost item unless it were cold hard cash! This is a great example of how a considerate Canadian can go the extra mile to help a stranger, not only leaving the lost mitt to be found, but even washing and mending it.

5) Knock Knock…Who’s Bear?

Well I think it’s safe to say that most delivery workers in the world don’t have to deal with wild bears at the door! It would take a lot to get me to brave a delivery job that required me to tackle a job as grizzly as this. Maybe delivery workers should travel with decoy honey-pots whenever they head out for the day!

6) The Writing On The Wall Ain’t So Bad!

Usually things written on the walls of bathroom stalls are much ruder than this! In Canada however, things can be a little bit different. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of positivity in our private moments?

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