45 Photos That Describe Perfectly Living In Canada

Canadians are known for a few great things. They’re the friendly neighbors to the U.S. known for delicious things like maple syrup, and admirable things like being outrageously polite. Sometimes the loveable Canucks live up to their apologetic stereotypes, and sometimes they surprise us.

So here’s moose-load of images of Canadians doing what they do best. Oh yah, bud! It’s a real doozy eh!

1) They’ll Charm The Pants Off Of You!

How do you say “fashion statement” in French? This image of the Montreal Police shows just how Canadians might hold a protest. These officers are wearing colourful pants in order to protest a labour dispute. Well this definitely can be considered a peaceful protest, but what about a “patterned protest”?

2) Talk About An Honour System!

If the turnstile was broken in your local train-station, would you go ahead and leave your subway fare there anyway? Apparently Canadians would! In most other places in the world, opportunistic passengers would likely pass straight through and take the free fare as a win… but apparently Canadians can tend to be a bit more honest.

3) Please Be A Considerate Thief!

Don’t you just hate it when people steal your rhubarb by chopping them off at the stem? Apparently this disgruntled Canadian does. Except, unlike most infuriated gardeners who might ready themselves with golf clubs and wait in the bushes, this Canadian rhubarb grower takes a more passive approach…

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