50 Random Things We All Did As Kids

We all like to say we were weird when we were kids. But let’s be honest: everyone was a weird kid. The bottom line…kids are just weird and there’s no getting around it.

But it makes sense. Kids are just learning about how the world works. They’re discovering who they want to be. They have endless energy and a huge reserve of untapped imagination and creativity. And yes, that means they can be little weirdos.

Every parent has had the experience of asking their child, “What the heck are you doing?” Kids come up with some crazy ideas. Maybe they decide to eat their dinner like a dog. Perhaps they wear their underwear on their heads.

And then there are the things we all did as kids. Most of them we still can’t explain now as adults. We just wonder “Why did we do that?”

We might not ever get to the bottom of how our childhood brains worked. But at the very least, we can now laugh about it as we wonder what on earth we were thinking. These are 50 things we all did when we were kids — and we still can’t explain them.

1. Why did we all draw hair like this?

Whether or not you grew up to be an artist, you probably loved to draw as a kid. But every time you drew a lady with long hair, she looked like this. Sorry, Mom.

2. We were so cool

Even if we didn’t consciously link this to alcohol, we loved to “take shots” of water. Did we understand why we were doing it? Not even a little. But we still did it for some reason.

3. But maybe this time they will

Trying to push two magnets together was the ultimate exercise in frustration. We knew it wasn’t going to happen, but it always felt like it might. So, we just kept trying.

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