75 Times People Forgot Something And Faced A Hilarious Consequence For It

Even the most careful people forget things sometimes. Where we put our keys. That we have some food cooking on the stove.

This can be quite a nuisance. Or it can end up a big problem. But not always.
Sometimes losing something ends in hilarity. Well, maybe not for the person who was forgetful. But for everyone else who gets to witnesses what occurred.

Here are 75 times people forgot something and faced a hilarious consequence for it:

1) When You Forget Your Fork

This person forgot their fork at home. Good thing they are crafty. They made a fork from paper clips, tape, and a pen.

2)You Left Me

This is one upset pooch. His owner was so hungry when he got off work that he accidently left his dog behind at the doggy daycare where he works. His manger sent him a text with this picture 10 minutes later saying: “You forgot something.” Look at his face!

3) Log Out

What happens when you forgot to log out of your computer at work? They remind you that you need to log out. In the most hilarious way.

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