50 People Shared Things They Learned Late In Life – And We’re Not Judging

Not every one has the ability to build their knowledge like some others do. Then there are those who don’t care to. Later in life they discover some things that they feel they should have really known. Once the embarrassment of not knowing passes they see the humor in it. The good sports have decided to share this lack of knowledge with others so they may get a chuckle or two from it as well.

1) Ponies Are Ponies

“I only recently found out that ponies are not baby horses, but full-sized ponies.”

2) Lyrics Gone Wrong

“The lyrics to The Beatles song Twist and Shout are: Shake it up baby now (Shake it up baby) But I always thought the lyrics went: We’re shakin’ a baby now (Shakin’ a baby). People were horrified when I started singing it this way.”

3) Two Different Animals

“I thought lions and tigers were the same animals all throughout my teenage years — that lions were the boys, and tigers were the girls.”

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