40 Pics Of Overworked Doctors & Nurses Show The Reality During Coronavirus

As the number of people who test positive for COVID-19 increases exponentially by the day, the faces of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare heroes who are on the frontlines of the virus are actually starting to look eerily similar.

Once they take off their N95 masks, the same weary sadness and exhaustion can be seen in their eyes – and on their cheeks. Yet, they proudly wear the red welts, bruises and marks of the too-tight masks like badges of honor!

These 40 pictures of overworked doctors and nurses show the true face of coronavirus behind the mask, and along with their stories, it reveals itself to be totally and utterly heartbreaking.

1) An exhausted Czech doctor can’t see the finish line

Source: Facebook/Pavla Kovaříková
This is Pavla Kovaříková face after working an extra long shift treating COVID-19 patients. She knew what she was getting into when she signed up for the difficult task, but this is still very different than anything she’s ever experienced.

“We can’t anymore. We don’t sleep, we don’t eat, I haven’t even remember. The phone is ringing practically continuously. This is a sprint and marathon in one – it’s a very intense strain, but at the same time it takes a long time and the end is not yet in sight.”

2) Humbly claims he’s not a hero after 13 hours straight in the ICU

Source: Facebook/Nicola Sgarbi
Nicola Sgarbi is not a selfie-loving kind of guy, but he took this picture of himself after removing all his protective devices. He wanted to show everyone just how real the situation has become.

“I am not and I don’t feel like a hero. I am a normal person, who loves his job and who, now more than ever, is proud and proud to do it by giving all himself on the forefront lines together with other wonderful people (doctors, nurses, oss, technicians, cleaners).”

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