Irritating Details That You Probably Missed Out In Movies.

Movies are always a bliss to watch, whatever the genre may be, movies tend to take the viewers to an alternate universe. Sometimes, the minor details directors put in, add to the spark created by the movies but sometimes, these details cause minor problems and confusion among viewers. Scroll ahead to find out some irritating details that you probably missed the first time you saw that movie.

Warning: This list of scenes might change your perception of your favorite movie forever!

The Dark Knight

In the Dark Knight, there was a part where Joker dressed up as Harvey Dent’s (aka Two-Face) nurse. That’s not the odd part. The thing that left viewers the most confused is how Dent failed to recognize Joker through a face mask. It was only until he removed the mask and showed his entire face. Joker is one of the most iconic super villains, and his face is the most distinguishable in the entire comic-dom. The fact that Harvey couldn’t tell him apart was pretty weird.

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