Kamala Harris Goes Viral On Tik Tok and Here’s Why

A viral video of Kamala Harris has gotten over 10M views on TikTok. Thanks to her niece, she has gone viral for a strange reason. In the viral video, people can’t stop looking at her feet. Meena Harris included her aunt in an impeachment joke. She uploaded a video in which she handed Kamala Harris a jar of peach-flavored mints.

‘Auntie, I got you a gift,’ ‘Im-peach-mints!,’ Meena says to Kamala Harris as she hands them to her, causing her to burst into a fit of laughter. The video is in reference to the impeachment charges that are leveled against Donald Trump for the second time. The Vice president-elect’s chuckles provided people with some much-needed fun in these difficult times.

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