Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker’ Slammed For Being Too Graphic

Netflix has dropped a new crime series on its streaming platform, named “Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer.” Although many viewers are enthusiastic about it, some have complained that the bloody crime scene reconstructions are too disturbing.

This docuseries follows the story of a serial killer Richard Ramirez, who terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco with his crimes involving murders and rapes. Eventually, the court convicted him of 13 counts of murder and 11 counts of sexual assault in the 80s.

The series includes four episodes, with 40 minutes duration of each episode. Tiller Russel directs it. The crime drama explores the viewpoint of detectives who investigated Ramirez’s case (dubbed as Night Stalker by the press). It also features various accounts of reporters and survivors of his gruesome attacks. Richard would charge at random men, women, and children in Los Angeles and San Francisco neighborhoods and kill them with a variety of weapons.

The despicable murderer’s first victim was a nine-year-old girl, who he raped and killed in 1984. He then went on to commit many assaults, murders, and burglaries during the mid-1980s.

Many avid fans of the crime genre have found the Netflix series a little too graphic for its depiction of blood-spattered scenes. Viewers think that such vivid illustrations of his crimes were unnecessary. They are even worried about how the survivors of his attack have responded to the crime series. It can trigger their trauma, as the docuseries include many bloody crime scene photos and CGI reenactments.

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